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Who is The Little Mermeg?
I’m Megan. 25 years of age, from a small town in Nottinghamshire in the UK. I have a degree in Commercial Photography, and have a love for doing anything active! And an even bigger love for travelling!

When did I start travelling?
I’ve had the travel bug for a few years, and been to a few places. But I actually only first went backpacking on my own in March 2016, so I am fairly new to this! It was then when I decided to start my blog, and pass on tips and advice that I picked up along the way. One of my biggest regrets is not going sooner!

Why did I start travelling?
Simply because I love it. I love learning about new cultures, meeting different kinds of people from different backgrounds, exploring new areas. The world is a very big place, and life is very short. It’s a waste to stay in one place…and very boring! I was bored with my 9-5 job. Sitting in an office all day, staring at a computer just wasn’t for me. I hated my life. Travelling gave me the adventure, the buzz I was missing. I love the independence and the surprises you get from travelling. Each day is different. No two days are the same.

Where have I been?
Not enough places! I’ve explored quite a few cities in Europe, Budapest & Prague being my favourite. I’ve travelled to Egypt (before it became unsafe). In 2016 I started crossing off countries on my bucket list, starting with Thailand, and moving onto Malaysia & Singapore. Hong Kong & Australia are already for booked for 2017.

Favourite Place?
That’s actually a tough one! I’ve been to quite a few places that I’ve fell in love with. Thailand & Singapore are probably my top two. Cornwall will always have my heart, a second home to me back in the UK. When I’m on the road, I miss that place more than I do my own home in Nottinghamshire!

What is my kit?
In terms of editing my pictures and video footage, I use my Macbook Air. I did have the Pro, which is supposedly the better laptop. But it’s also a lot heavier! So I traded it in for a lighter, smaller laptop. Honestly, in terms of speed etc, I’ve not been able to tell the difference. For my camera, I use a Sony A7, or my phone (Samsung Galaxy S6). As well as my GoPro Hero 4 Silver for taking underwater pictures, and capturing footage.

Do I travel alone?
Yes! It’s not unsafe, you just have to have your wits about you. I make friends along the way, some of which I end up staying with for parts of my journey, or meet up with later on.

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