With me posting a lot of photography work and videos while on my travels, I get asked a lot about the gear I’m travelling around with. Do I travel with a lot? Compared to some photographers that I’ve met on my travels, and other bloggers that I’ve read up about, I think I travel pretty light, in terms of what gear I have. I have something to cover every occasion, which to me is more important than having everything, just incase. So what’s in my gear bag, going into 2019?

  1. CAMERA – SONY A7 
    The camera I’m currently using is a Sony A7. I can’t recommend this camera enough. It takes great photos, and the best part is for a traveller, it’s mirrorless, so it’s light but still has the same great quality as a DSLR! I’ve had this camera a few years now, which is unlike me, I’m usually swapping them regularly! But having tried some of the new Alpha range by Sony, they seem to be making them bulkier and heavier, which defeats the point of what made me go for a Sony in the first place. So I currently have no plans to change my body, but that may change in 2019, depending on what comes along this year. You can read more of why I made the move to mirrorless from DSLR on my past blog post here. 
  2. LENSES – SONY E MOUNT 28-70mm & SONY E MOUNT 50mm
    At the moment, I’m just travelling with two basic lenses. Which drives me crazy sometimes, and I keep saying I’m going to add to my collection, but that’s also going to take up more space and weight! The 28-70mm is a good all rounder, and the 50mm takes some stunning photographs and is a must if you own a Sony. I ended up buying the 50mm after I met someone on my travels that had one, and let me borrow it for the day. I came back wanting one for myself, especially when I saw how stunning the photos were that I took with it. The only thing I would recommend adding to my collection is a decent zoom lens, and a wide angle lens. A zoom lens speaks for itself, and a wide angle is a must if you’re into architecture photography, and night photography.
    Obviously when it comes to action, there’s no better than Go Pro. I’ve been using these for a while, and had a few different models from them over the years. If you’re backpacking, I highly recommend one as a good investment before you go. If you don’t want to splash out on a camera, and an action camera, go with the Go Pro. It’s a decent all rounder, whether you’re under the water, up in the air, or just riding around exploring. They can literally survive anything and if you look after them properly (they don’t need much love and attention), they will last you years. Check out my review of the GoPro Hero 6 Black here. 
    I’ve just swapped to the DJI Mavic Air, from the DJI Phantom 3. Obviously, one major thing that is better, is the size. The DJI Mavic Air folds up so is easy to pack into your bag, and is a lot lighter to carry around. Space and weight is everything while travelling, so gaining in this area is great. The footage is just as good, and the photos are definitely better than the Phantom. But I will speak more of that at a later date. If you’re considering making a move to the drone life, I’d definitely recommend one. It’s made photography fun again for me, and it takes your work to a whole new level! I definitely recommend the Fly More Combo. The extra batteries, and the carry case have definitely been worth the extra £’s.
    It obviously has to be an Apple laptop. For me, personally, there isn’t another brand that comes close, when it comes to speed etc, while using software such as Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom etc. It’s light, thin, so great portability. If you’re editing photos, or footage, or both, then it definitely has to be an Apple. The Macbook Pro is the better laptop in terms of specs, but at the time I purchased mine, it was also a lot bigger. I believe the latest range is a lot smaller, so it may be worth investing in the better laptop for the long run. That being said, I’ve had no issues with mine. (Touch wood!)

Any plans for new gear in 2019?
I don’t have any plans at the moment. I’ve just swapped my drone, so my bank account wouldn’t be too happy if I splashed out on anything else in the near future. I have been intrigued about a gimbal, to help take my Go Pro footage to the next level, but I will need to do some more research in that area before I take the plunge. (If anyone has any advice, please feel free to comment below!) I’m more than happy with my laptop, camera and GoPro at the moment, so don’t see any need to update any of them. But as I mentioned before, it would be nice to add some more lenses for my camera. In the long run, I would need to see if they’re worth taking up the extra space and weight in my bag.

So that’s my list going into 2019. It is possible to travel with photography gear, and expensive photography gear at that. Obviously there are some important must dos, such as travel insurance, a decent camera backpack to store your gear, and of course taking all safety precautions, such as ensuring you’re using lockers at hostels etc, and you’re not leaving your gear out in sight, when you’re not around. Touch wood, I’ve never had an issue with anything going missing, but my gear is on me at all times, and if it isn’t, it’s locked somewhere only I can access it. I don’t have it out on show, and I’m quite a private person, so strangers I’ve just met, and having to share a room with, aren’t aware of how much expensive photography gear I have on me. If you take these little steps, you should be fine travelling with photography gear. I will do a post in the near future about keeping safe while travelling.

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