First of all, a huge apology for disappearing the past year!

Those that have followed me for a while, will realise I haven’t posted anything on my blog for around 6 months. It wasn’t intentional, and it hasn’t been because I’ve not been travelling, I have. I just didn’t find myself enjoying blogging anymore, and had a little bit of a writers block! So I planned to take a couple of months off, and just concentrate on my photography. Which I did, but I took more than a couple of months off, because…well life got in the way! So I am really sorry…but the good thing is for you guys, I’ve just done 6 months worth of travelling to catch up on writing about. And as it’s a new year, and people believe that we need to make ourselves a promise for the year, mine is to get back into writing!

I’m still living and working in Australia. I’ve actually just been home, back to the UK for a few weeks for Christmas and New Year to catch up with family. I hadn’t been home for nearly 2 years, so was nice to go back and see everyone. I will fill you in about that on a post in the near future!

For 2019, I have a few plans, but as I used to say, not everything goes to plan, especially in the travelling world. So I don’t like to plan too far ahead! My visa is running out for Australia soon though, so I do need to make a move somewhere new! Again, I will fill you in about that on a post in the near future.

For those that don’t follow my instagram page, I have a new baby that has just joined my gear. A DJI Mavic Air drone. So I’ve been out lately doing some flying with that, and will be posting some things on here about it soon. In the meantime, go ahead and check out my latest work on my instagram page @_thelittlemermeg.

Happy New Year Guys,
The Little Mermeg

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  1. 2cadientesandcounting says:

    I also took a bit of a hiatus to gain perspective and remember why I enjoyed blogging. Welcome back!

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