November is finally here! This year is going so fast, and it’s bizarre to think I’ve been travelling for exactly 6 months today. Now, I’ve been useless with my blog lately. Apologies about that. I could say I’ve been having too much fun, but I’d be lying. I’ve been too busy working, then being too lazy to write anything. So I’ve set myself some new targets, and got a new way of controlling my blog. That way, my followers, are regularly updated, and know roughly what to expect.

So here’s my new way of doing things:

I’m going to be posting every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from now on. The posts will go out 6am UK time, or 4pm Queensland, Australia time. Monday will be diary day. So I will be telling you all about something I’ve done recently, either a road trip, a day trip somewhere. Generally just filling you all in on something awesome I’ve done recently…or maybe something that turned out to be a total disaster. Who knows!

Wednesday will be review day. I will be reviewing equipment that I’ve got with me. Such as backpacks, camera gear, clothes, sunscreen etc. I’m doing this to help you guys, whether you’re already travelling, or planning a trip. In the past, my review posts have been popular. Plus, I always find them super handy myself, on other peoples blogs.

Friday will be real talk. So I will discussing matters that either cause a bit of a debate within the travelling community, or doing my top 10/5 posts. Basically, it will be what I think about things, and my personal take on things. Such as what I think the best thing about travel is, or what I think you should always take travelling. Or maybe how I get cheap flights, or cheap travel insurance. It will all be based around real personal views, or real facts.

I’m also looking at doing some travel guides for cities/countries I’ve visited. These will be designed in a pdf, so you guys can easily download them and carry them around with you, or even print them off. These will take a little longer to design and get all the correct information, so won’t be released as frequently. But hopefully I will have a couple, ready, to upload soon.

So, lots of new exciting content coming up, that hopefully will benefit you all. Whether you’re already a traveller, or just planning the trip of a lifetime.

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  1. erinhooker says:

    I am so excited to read these future posts!! Looking forward to following your adventures and your gear reviews 🙂


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