Apologies, I’ve been useless with my blog recently and hardly posted anything. I haven’t done an update for a while, so thought I would fill you all in on the latest.

I’m currently living in Brisbane, in Australia. I have an apartment in New Farm, which is a really nice area, and pretty close to the central business district. I have a job in the Valley, working in a pub as a bartender. I’ve been living and working in Brisbane since the beginning of June, so nearly 5 months, which is something I didn’t think I would be saying when I first got here! My original plan was to move on up the East Coast in September, but I then got offered a new job, that was pretty good money so I thought there was no harm in saving up for a few more months. On a Sunday, I’m earning $35 an hour, plus late penalties. So I’m earning over £20 an hour, which you can’t grumble at! Plus most of my friends that I’ve met are living in Brisbane, so that’s always a bonus. We’ve almost become like a little family, so it’s nice, especially on those days when you’re missing home!

Brisbane is a pretty good base point. When I first arrived, I thought there was hardly anything to do. But it’s not until you start living here, and meet a few locals, that you realise there’s actually loads to do. As a city, it’s pretty up and coming, so it’ll be interesting to see what it’s like in a few years. There’s plenty of different districts, all close together, with bars and restaurants. So you never get bored, as you can check out some new bars pretty much every weekend! You also have Byron Bay, Surfers Paradise, Noosa, Rainbow Beach etc, all within a few hours drive. So if we’re ever bored of the city, it’s easy enough to get away for a few days, without it costing us a fortune in petrol, or plane fares.

Plans for the next couple of months. I have my birthday coming up next month, so I’m off to Sydney for a few days at the beginning of the month to see a couple of friends that I met in Thailand on my travels last year. I’m then off for a weekend up the coast, with a few friends that I’ve met in Brisbane. We’re planning on renting an Air BnB by the beach and doing some surfing…hopefully! Christmas time, I’ve not decided if I’m staying in Brisbane for Christmas, or going down to Sydney. I originally wanted to do Sydney for New Year, as it’s something that’s always been on my bucket list, but it’s so expensive, and everywhere wants you to stay for at least 2 weeks. When we’ve got an apartment in Brisbane, it seems a pain to be sleeping in a hostel with a bunch of strangers, over Christmas and New Year. And paying over $700 each for just 2 weeks for a private is silly money! But by Christmas, I think I will definitely be ready for moving on from Brisbane, so plan to go do my Fraser Island, Whitsundays, Great Barrier Reef stuff, then head somewhere to start my farm work in January, for my second year visa. The plan is to head to Tasmania or the Outback, so hopefully it won’t be as bad as everyone makes out!

I’m currently making a video of my trip from Australia so far, so hopefully that will be on my YouTube channel soon. I’m also currently saving up for a drone, to treat myself for my birthday. So will be getting lots of new footage with that. I have a couple of pieces to write up about road trips I’ve taken while in Brisbane, including The Glass House Mountains, Springbrook National Park, Noosa and Toowoomba.

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