First of all, apologies for not updating my blog in a while. I’m currently travelling up the East Coast in Australia, and the wifi over here is shockingly bad. So I’ve not been able to post as much as I’d hoped.

I thought I’d write a little update about what I’m up to, then do my diary entries separately, going in to more detail, later.

I’ve been in Australia nearly 5 weeks now, and started my travel journey nearly 6 weeks ago. It’s flying by, which is scary! I started in Sydney, spent 2 weeks there, then moved on up to Coffs Harbour and stayed in Arrawarra for 5 days. I then spent just over a week in Byron Bay, moving onto Surfers Paradise for 2 nights, then finally ending up in Brisbane, which is where I’m still currently. I’ve just got myself a job in sales and marketing, so I will be in Brisbane for the next couple of months, earning dollar before I continue up the East Coast to Cairns.

So far there’s good and bad things about Australia, but I’m going to do a blog post later about my first impressions of Australia. It’ll be interesting to see if I agree with them after a month working here, and towards the end of my travels in Australia. I’m certainly starting to miss home, but everyone gets to that point after their first month. When they just want a bath, some nice food, a comfy bed, to see family and friends. Everyone tells you about the good side to travelling, but never mention the bad parts, or the down days when you just want to get on a flight back home. Luckily, the great thing about travelling, is everyone you meet is either currently in the same boat as you, or has been before. So it’s easy enough to pick yourself back up and realise that you actually really don’t want to go home at all, and that your life is pretty awesome right now and you should be making the most of it.

So that’s pretty much updating you all where I’m at, without giving too much away, as I’ll save that for my diary entries. Now I’m settled into Brisbane for a while, I’ll certainly be able to update my blog more, and catch up with my edits and everything else…hopefully!

Stay safe,

The Little Mermeg


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