While travelling across the world, it’s safe to say I’ve heard a lot of misconceptions about us British people. People automatically assume that because you’re British, you’re the following:

  1. We all love Harry Potter
    Don’t get me wrong, a lot of British people like Harry Potter and it is a big household name in Britain, but we don’t all love Harry Potter. Personally, I ain’t a huge fan of Harry Potter, and I can’t think of anything worse than sitting and watching one of the films right now. There has been a lot of people that have been shocked when I’ve said this on my travels. Just because we’re British, it doesn’t mean we’re all into playing Quidditch, and running around on broomsticks!
  2. We all drink tea
    It’s known to be quite a British thing; to sit down and have a cup of tea and slice of cake. But again, like the Harry Potter point, not all British people love a cup of tea. I can’t stand the taste, and I know many that can’t either. Give me a coffee any day!
  3. We all have a posh British accent
    Most of the UK’s accents are anything but posh. That accent you hear in the films or Downtown Abbey? It’s very uncommon. The amount of times I’ve been asked to speak, just so people can hear my “sexy” British accent. They’ve all been disappointed of course. The northern accent is a lot harder to understand, and isn’t quite as “sexy” as the British accent in films.
  4. We love to queue
    We don’t, but it just makes good sense.
  5. We’re all binge drinkers
    Ok, so this one is slightly true. Us Brits do love a drink…or 10. But according to statistics, Russians and Australians are a lot worse than us British, so ner.
  6. England is just another name for Britain/The UK
    Nope, England is a country. And Britain is a different thing to England and the UK. Wales, Scotland and Ireland are not England. Say that to an Irish, Scottish or Welsh person, and they will probably get offended. Us English aren’t really liked across the rest of UK, and there’s always been a bit of rivalry, especially if a game of Rugby is on.
  7. We all love the Royal Family
    Personally, I don’t have a problem with ma’am and her corgies. But a lot of British people can’t stand the Royal Family, and actually want the monarchy demolished. However, they weren’t saying that when we all got a day off work to watch William and Kate get married. (Most of us were sat in a pub, loving the extra day off!)
  8. It’s always cold and wet
    Ok, so up North the weather isn’t too great, but we do have a few days a year where it can be quite sunny and warm. And guaranteed on those days, most of the UK are sat in a pub beer garden.
  9. We don’t have nice “proper” beaches
    We have a lot of crappy beaches in the UK, and I’d be lying if I said they weren’t all bad, because a lot are! But down in Cornwall and Devon, in the South West of the UK, there are loads of nice beaches. Plus crystal clear waters. You can easily forget you’re in the UK!
  10. Our food is bland
    We have a lot of varied food in the UK, depending which part of the UK you are in. But it’s anything, but bland. Chips and gravy, fried Mars Bars, Yorkshire Puddings. The list goes on, for great tasting British food.
  11. We all support Manchester United Football Team
    There are a lot more footie teams in the UK than Manchester United. Just because that’s the most well known team across the world, it doesn’t mean the majority of the UK support them. It’s actually quite the opposite!

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