Being a backpacker means you have to budget, so of course, us backpackers love a freebie! Sydney isn’t cheap, in fact, Australia in general isn’t, if you compare it to the UK. It’s one of those cities you can’t miss, so unfortunately you just have to suck it up. But there are some things you can do to save yourself some pennies, and still explore what Sydney has to offer.

  1. Walk the Harbour Bridge – Don’t climb it!
    A popular activity in Sydney is climbing the Harbour Bridge. It’s a well known iconic part of Sydney. But unfortunately, it comes with a huge price tag! At the current time of writing this, it’s actually cheaper for me to go do a skydive, than it is to climb the Harbour Bridge. Now in my eyes, that’s ridiculous. How can you get around this? Just walk along the Harbour Bridge, instead of climbing it. It’s free, it’s a public path. The views are just as great, and you’re not limited on time. You can spend as much time walking over there, and it doesn’t matter if you visit at sunset, sunrise or during the day. It’s FREE!
  2. Royal Botanic Gardens
    A lot of people are unaware that this is free to visit. There isn’t a charge to go into the gardens and there are free walking tours daily. If you’re not a huge fan of flowers etc, it’s still worth a visit. You get a fab view of the harbour, and it’s a great photo spot for the well known Sydney skyline.
  3. Bondi to Coogee Walk
    Explore the coastline, and the beautiful views along the way, between the two iconic beaches in Sydney.
  4. Snorkelling at Shelly Beach
    Save yourself money by not visiting the Sydney Aquarium, and instead see the sea creatures in their natural habitat. All you need is a snorkelling set, which can be picked up cheaply in town. Shelly Beach is a great spot for snorkelling, and is quite hidden, so not overcrowded with tourists, like other beaches in Sydney.
  5. Go for a swim at Bronte Baths
    If you don’t want to take the risk of coming across a shark on your swim, you can head down to the Bronte Baths. The ocean pool has great views, and best of all, there’s no admission fee.
  6. Vivid Sydney
    Head to Sydney in May/June time, and you’ll see the Opera House like never before. The cities light festival is hugely popular with tourists, and there’s no wonder when there’s no charge to see it.
  7. The Rocks
    Not known as being the cheapest place in Sydney, but the Rocks Discovery Museum is free to visit, if you wanted to learn a little about the history of the area.
  8. Hyde Park
    Go for a picnic in the park, and take some time out from the concrete jungle. One of Sydneys oldest parks.
  9. Observatory Hill
    The climb is definitely worth it for the views.
  10. New Years Eve
    Yes, it’s expensive for accommodation at New Year, and you have to book well in advance to see it. But to see the actual fireworks, and to go down the harbour is FREE. So it does save you some money. Get down there early in the day for a perfect spot, as crowds get there early to bag themselves the perfect spot.


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  1. thank you for this! much needed- beautiful photos


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