So I thought I’d do a post and update you all about the latest with my travel plans. For those who follow my blog, you’ll know that I’m off to Hong Kong and Australia soon. Just over 4 weeks to be exact! Eeeek! It’s come around so fast, and it’s just suddenly hit me that I’m moving to the other side of the world in a months time!

A lot hasn’t really changed since I did my last post 2017: HONG KONG & AUSTRALIA. I’m off to Hong Kong first, and staying there for 4 nights. Then moving onto Sydney, where I have a working holiday visa, so my plans are to stay for 12 months, or possibly longer. For that, I plan to be travelling around the whole of Australia, not just staying in Sydney.

One thing I’m already realising from my planning, is that Hong Kong and Australia are a little more expensive than the UK. I’ve managed to find a hostel in Hong Kong that is pretty central, has good reviews, and price wise, it’s quite a good deal for Hong Kong. A bed in an 8 bed dorm was originally costing me £75 for 4 nights, which I reserved on Booking.com. Although I found a few days ago, that Agoda are offering the same deal (free cancellation etc), for £63. Luckily, Booking.com advertise as being the best price or they’ll match, so after a few emails, they’ve agreed to lower the price to £65 for me. Not quite price matching like they advertise, but that’s a rant for another post!

In terms of what I’m going to be doing in Hong Kong, I want to do a mix of things. I want to see some of the typical tourist spots, as they do look impressive. As I’ve said in previous blog posts, a lot of backpackers are like “don’t do that, it’s such a tourist thing to do,” and the reason it’s so popular with tourists, is because it’s usually pretty impressive. Things don’t get popular for no reason. Now I’ve been to some places that are popular with tourists, and I will admit, I’ve stood there like why the hell is this so popular?! And a few places have been a let down. But many are just as good as they look. So if you’re heading somewhere, and you’re put off from visiting the popular tourist spots, don’t be! You can still do those and also go off and do some “non-touristy” things as well.

When I land in Sydney, I’m booked into a hostel for a week, and have a few activities booked, which I’m doing as part of a tour with Oz Intro. I’m off to visit the Blue Mountains, jet boating around Sydney Harbour, having a surf lesson, going to see the Kangaroos, and also got a private cruise for the day around Sydney Harbour. On top of that, I’ll be visiting Bondi Beach for a good old typical Aussie BBQ. So my first week is going to be pretty packed! I then had a plan to either get my 3 months farm work out of the way, which I have to do if I want my second year visa, or travel for a bit up the East Coast. I think I’ll get the my 3 months farm work out the way, as when I arrive, Australia will be going into winter. And although Aussie winters are like UK summers, I think it’d be nicer to work when it’s a little cooler, and do my travelling up the East Coast when it’s their summer. You can book or look into Oz Intro more here.

I was planning to go straight into work, so I’m not spending too much time in Sydney, as it’s quite expensive. But I’ve just found out that Vivid Sydney starts at the end of May. So I might kill a couple of weeks in Sydney or surrounding areas, and stick around to see that, as it’s something that looks quite impressive. If anyone has recommendations of where to go that’s near Sydney, feel free to comment them below!

Hopefully I’ll get some new videos up on my YouTube channel, and will keep you all informed about where I am in the world!





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