For many people, travelling alone is too much of a daunting experience. Therefore they choose to travel with a friend or partner. I’ve done all of the above, and if I’m perfectly honest, I preferred travelling alone. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed travelling with others, but there were a few things that niggled me. If you do want to go travelling with someone, make sure you really think it through before you do. That person that you think is a good laugh for the odd night out back home, is a completely different person when you’re in the middle of nowhere, hungry, tired, hungover and you’ve been together pretty much 24/7 since you landed. Here are some things to consider if you want to go travelling with someone:

  1. Be into similar things
    This is a biggie. If you’re mate prefers quiet nights in, rather than partying every night like you do, or vice versa, it’s going to cause problems. If you want to go sight seeing during the day, but all your friend wants to do is lay in bed all day, hungover. It’s going to cause problems! If you’re a bit sporty, and love to do quite active things, but your friend prefers to be sat on a beach all day, it WILL cause arguments. You’ll be left feeling like that person is holding you back a little bit, and that’s when it causes arguments. You’ll get sick of suggesting things, to just be told no. That being said, even if you go with a friend, it doesn’t mean you need to stick together 24/7. Go off on your own for the day, do what you want to do. But even still, if your friend is saying no to everything, it will soon start to do your head in, regardless of how close you both are, or thought you were!
  2. Have a similar budget
    Nothing worse than suggesting to do things, and that person not willing to do anything because they’re on a tight budget. It’s similar to the point above. You’ll be left feeling like you’re being held back because of your friends tight budget. Even things like eating out or going for a drink will become a challenge.
  3. Know when to have time apart
    As with anyone, you need to know when to part ways for a bit. You need to know when you’re doing each others head in, and when to call it quits for a few hours. Even if you go with the love of your life, spending every minute of every day with the same person will become draining after a while. Mix it up, meet friends, go do your own thing. Don’t be under the assumption that because you went out travelling together, you need to do everything together. And if you don’t take time apart, you will end up snapping eventually, and having a bigger argument than what was needed.
  4. Don’t drag out arguments forever 
    If something is doing your head in, say it, have it out with each other, then have a few hours to cool off. Then let that be the end of it. Don’t drag an argument on for days on end. It will bring both of your vibes down, and it’s a good way to ruin friendships for good. You’re pretty much spending most of your time together, so letting things boil for days is just going to make it worse, rather than better.
  5. Plan it TOGETHER
    Don’t get one person doing all the planning, because that’s another way of how to start arguments. Even if your friend suggests you plan everything, being as they don’t know much, and you’re more than happy to plan, DON’T DO IT! You’re in this together. You’re both experiencing it, and you should both have an input. Even if that input is a little bit. If one person is planning everything, when anything does go wrong (which it will, eventually), they’ll get all the blame. Which will cause another argument. If you or your friend isn’t the best at planning stuff, but the other one is, then take it a learning experience!

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  1. I loved reading this because I’m about to travel with my best friend after going solo for long. One thing I hope not to do is argue, but I also want this to be a great trip for her.


  2. beautyboozeandbudgeting says:

    Amen! This is all good points — unfortunately learned from experience! I think #1 was a biggie when I went on vacation with my sister and our husbands. I assumed that since we’ve always liked to do similar things, that we still did. Boy, was I wrong! She preferred to day-drink and then chill at night, whereas, I wanted to relax during the day and then party at night!


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