A lot of people think I’m mad, or really stupid. I finished university, landed myself a graduate job, and I’ve packed it all in for a life on the road, living out of a backpack. So am I stupid or mad? I don’t think so, here’s why.

It’s ok to not have your life set out before 30
A lot of people think you need to have started your career before 30, bought a house and started a family. Why? Why can’t I do those things in my 30’s? What is the rush? This way I’ve had the best of both worlds. I’ll still be doing all those things in my 30’s probably, and this way I’ve seen the world and had a bit fun, first. Rather than sat there wishing I’d of done and seen this and that.

There’s a quote that goes something along the lines of “travel is the best education.”
And I couldn’t agree more. Travel taught me a lot more about life and people, than I learnt in 3 years at University, and 15 years at school. People think you’re taking a step backwards, if you leave to go travelling. And I think that anyone that assumes that, clearly hasn’t been travelling themselves. If anything you’re taking a step forward, allowing yourself to learn new things and meet new people.

You’re not ruining your future
So you’re not starting to pay into your pension. And you’re not saving up to be on the property ladder. This isn’t ruining your future at all. You can still do those things. There’s nothing to stop you putting a little aside while you’re travelling, if you’re really that bothered. My parents were paying into their pensions their whole lives pretty much, and the amount they’re getting back now, is nowhere near enough to live on. Luckily they have savings and still work anyway, so it’s not an issue. But it does make you realise what was the point of them working all their lives, for that. They might as well have enjoyed the money while they were young. And that is one of the reasons they don’t see any issues with me leaving to go travelling, and are actually really supportive of it.

In truth, I was bored
I spent 3 years at university, with an aim, a dream job. I got it, and it bored the hell out of me. I don’t have any regrets, because it taught me a lot about myself. Such as, I ain’t cut out for a 9 to 5 job, stuck in an office all day. I like to have some sort of freedom, and be on my feet.

I don’t judge people that chose a career, and everything else. But don’t judge me in return. So many times I’ve been told to grow up by friends, and take my future seriously. I don’t need to be part of the rat race, to have a secure future. I don’t need a career at 25, if it’s physically making me miserable. So that’s why I chose travel over a career.

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  1. Sarah Berthe says:

    You go girl. You do you. I admire you for standing up for yourself and following your passion. I worked for almost 7 years now and it looks like I need a long vacation to rebalance my life. Luckily, I am off for a world in a few months! Yey!

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  2. maxymilano says:

    Agree, people often assumed traveling is vacation or never ending holiday, that’s why People think you’re taking a step backwards.

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  3. Carl Versus Life says:

    Spot on, girl. Everybody finds their own way in lifeand what works for them- I’m glad you’ve found yours. I don’t have a mortgage or savings but I probably spend 40+ days per year out of the country, exploring new horizons. This has definitely taught me more about life than university did. Fortunately I earn a good enough wage to allow this- and my university degree, ironically, was never needed at all…

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  4. beautyboozeandbudgeting says:

    Very interesting idea. It sounds like you found what you love and you went for it. I think that’s amazing.

    Perhaps you could share your best suggestions for budgeting for this type of thing? I’m all ears!


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