Anyone who knows me, knows how much I love Cornwall, and in particular, love St Ives. It’s like a second home to me. I’ve been visiting the place ever since I was in my Mothers’s tummy! My Father had family down there, so I spent every summer down there when I was growing up. I think that’s part of the reason I’ll always love surfer chilled out beach towns. It reminds me of there!

Cornwall is a popular holiday destination in the UK with the British. Mainly because of the nice golden beaches, with clear crystal waters. And because it’s a little warmer in the summer, than the rest of the UK! But people visiting from outside the UK, usually miss off Cornwall. Here are 5 reasons why Cornwall should be on your bucket list, if you’re visiting the UK.

The beaches alone make you feel like you’re abroad. Golden sands, crystal clear waters, it’s hard to not be amazed when you visit them. I know so many people that have looked at my photos from Cornwall, and not believed me that they’re in the UK, or not been photoshopped. They’ve had to go down there and see it for themselves to believe it. I visited some beaches in Thailand, and even they didn’t have anything on some of the beaches in Cornwall. Go figure.

13962819_937168506409865_7343278505893754716_o.jpgPorthkidney Beach, near St Ives/Hayle – Image taken by myself

There’s so much history in the small fisherman towns in Cornwall, that can still be seen today. From the small cobbled streets, to the small door frames, to the lighthouses that have stood guiding ships and boats for years. Cornwall was also well known for its mining, and some of the mines are still visible today. Usually on cliffs, they definitely make a picturesque view.

807_20098_12838034One of the mines in Cornwall – photo taken from Google Images

Cornish people are some of the friendliest you’ll meet. (Except us Northerners of course!) No pushing, shoving and ignoring in Cornwall, like you’d get in London. More like smiles, greetings and old fisherman stories, if you’re lucky!

Cornwall is the place to be in the UK if you love to go surfing. We don’t have waves the size of Hawaii, but they’re not bad. Find the right beaches, with the right wind, and you can get waves around 10ft, sometimes higher, depending on the time of year. Yes, really!!

Surfer at Porthkidney – Photo taken by myself

A Cornish pasty is a must if you go to Cornwall. It’s not a proper Cornish pasty, unless you’ve had it in Cornwall! After your pasty, treat yourself to a scone with some clotted cream. (Scon or scone, the big debate in Cornwall & Devon of how to say it properly! It’s scone of course!)

So if you’re planning a trip to the UK, make sure you spend a couple of weeks in the south. You won’t be disappointed. This list could have gone on forever, as there’s plenty more reasons to visit Cornwall.

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