If you’re heading over to Bangkok, and want a hostel that’s close to the nightlife, clean, modern and fairly cheap, then The Pillow is ideal for you.


  • MODERN – This hostel is fairly new, so it’s quite modern, clean. Not run down like a few hostels in Bangkok.
  • LOCATION – It’s down one of the little alleys off Khao San Road, and if you want a crazy night out in Bangkok, Khao San Road is the place to be. In the day there are market stalls, at night there are plenty of restaurants within a short walking distance, and plenty of bars and clubs around at night.
  • PRICE – It’s quite cheap in Thailand anyway for hostels. This one if you book online is around £8, although it’s cheaper if you turn up without reservation. It was around £4-£5 without reservation. You’re then obviously risking that there will be space, which my friend found out when she got to Bangkok, there wasn’t! It is a popular spot for backpackers, so getting a decent hostel in a prime location is never going to be easy. There are cheaper hostels in Bangkok, but this price is cheap for Khao San Road location.
  • SECURITY: The one thing I loved about this hostel is that the lockers were huge and spacious. I have an 80l backpack, and there was plenty of room. I managed to fit that in, and my day rucksack.
  • SPACE: The rooms are quite spacious. Sometimes in hostels, you feel as though they’ve tried to cram as many beds in a small room as they can. There was plenty of space to walk around in this hostel. Which is always a bonus!



  • NOT SOCIALABLE: Luckily I was here with friends, but if I was alone, I’d of struggled to meet any fellow backpackers. We were the only ones sat in the common room drinking, and in the couple of hours we were in there, we didn’t meet one other backpacker at the hostel. If you’re going with friends, this place is great. If you’re going alone, and hoping to bump into some people for a night out, this place isn’t as great.
  • NOISE: The noise wasn’t really a problem for me, as I didn’t come in until the early hours of the morning. And by that point I just passed out the minute I hit my bed! Because it is so close to Khao San Road, expect to hear loud music until the early hours. Wasn’t such a problem in our room, as we were on the top floor, but walking down the stairs, we could hear it gradually get louder. So I should imagine those on bottom floors had it louder than us. If you want a good nights sleep, this isn’t the place to stop. If you want a night out, this is the place to stop.
  • NO LIFTS: Again, not such a problem for me, but I should imagine some people would complain about this, so I thought it’s worth mentioning. There are no lifts, so you do have to climb the stairs with your backpack. Bare in mind if it weighs a tonne.

If I was staying in Bangkok again, I’d definitely consider this hostel again. Especially if I was with a friend. If I was on my own, I probably wouldn’t. Just because there’s that risk of it not being very socialable, so chances are slim you’ll meet some people at the hostel to go out with. I wouldn’t reserve online either, just because it is a bit cheaper once you get there. That’s a few Changs you can have on Khao San Road! The best way to see if there’s any space without going all the way down there, is look online first. Type in the dates on or when you arrive at the airport, and see if it’s coming up with any availability. If not, chances are there’s no beds left, so you’ll have to look elsewhere. It’ll save you walking round ages with your backpack on!


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