It’s been a while since I’ve done a review, and I keep saying I’m going to do more on here. I decided to review the airline, Air Asia. It’s a regional airline, used in Asia, and is known for being cheap. It’s basically the Ryan Air/ Easy Jet of Asia, for those in the UK. After flying with them a few times, I had a few things that annoyed me every time, and seem to be a common occurrence when looking on social media and other blogs.

First off, the pros to flying with Air Asia.

  • Cheap – Prices are really affordable for a backpacker. If you book months in advance, I’ve managed to book flights for as cheap as £10.
  • Staff are friendly – The staff are always nice and friendly, and go out their way to help you. I was going to pay for in flight food in Thai Baht as I didn’t have enough Ringgit (Malaysian currency), when I had was flying from Malaysia to Thailand. One of the staff stopped me, and told me to pay in GBP, as he spotted I had a £10 note in my purse. He explained how it would work out better for me, due to exchange rates. When I worked it out myself, it did work out cheaper for me. He could have easily just took my money, as it made no difference to him anyway. He saved me around £4, which doesn’t sound a lot, but that got me 2 meals in Thailand. Every little helps when backpacking!

    Unfortunately, that’s all I can think of for the pros. Here are the cons to flying with Air Asia:

  • Legroom – I’m not exactly tall and it’s one of the worst flights I’ve been on, regarding leg room. I’m only 5ft6, to give you an idea. Unless you get put on the seats for emergency exits, you’ll get hardly any legroom. Be warned if you’re taller than 5ft6! For an hour or so, it’s fine, you can put up with it. Anything longer, it became horrible.
  • Be prepared to be delayed – I took 4 Air Asia flights in 2016, and every single one was delayed. Bare this in mind if you need to be in your destination for a certain time. Reading other blogs, and looking at reviews on social media, it’s a common occurrence.
  • No in-flight entertainment or food – Yes, it’s only a budget airline etc. But I’ve flown with other airlines in Asia, for cheap domestic flights, and I’ve always had a snack & drink included, or at least some kind of in flight entertainment. Maybe I’ve just been spoilt in the past, but it’s something to bare in mind if you’re book a flight with Air Asia that is more than 3 hours.
  • The Add Ons – When booking and you find a cheap flight with Air Asia in Skyscanner, don’t expect it to be that price at the end. None of the flights include baggage, it’s always extra. And then they charge you booking fees, etc. Baggage isn’t cheap, depending where you’re flying. I’ve had as much as £50 added on to the original price I found in Skyscanner, which sometimes works out more than some of the other airlines. So always go back and compare, once you actually have the final price.

Overall, if you’re wanting a cheap flight that is under a few hours, then yes, go with Air Asia. If you’re on a longer flight, I’d seriously pay the extra and go with someone else. I was looking for flights from Hong Kong to Sydney. Air Asia were around £100 cheaper than everyone else, but I knew I wouldn’t get any in-flight entertainment and no food included. Plus 12 hours with limited leg room, would have been torture. I paid the extra £100 to go with another airline, and it will most definitely be worth it! If you do go with Air Asia, book months in advance if you can. A lot of the flights you can get for under £50.


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