I’ve already said I’m off to Hong Kong and Australia this year, but if I wasn’t, I’d probably be heading to one of these places instead. If you’re short on inspiration, here are my 5 top places on my wish list.

    The more I see photos and bloggers heading to Colombia, the more I want to go. It’s definitely a country becoming more popular on the backpacking scene, especially with the rise of hostels. From trekking jungles, to scuba diving, to enjoying mud baths in volcanoes. There’s definitely plenty to do. Learn some basic Spanish, and head over there.
    colombian-jungle.jpgTrekking the Colombian Jungle – Image taken from The Sheet
    I must admit, I didn’t realise Sri Lanka was as beautiful as it was, until I came across photos on Instagram, and became insanely jealous. It’s been on my wish list ever since. If you’re heading over to India, it’s definitely worth adding it to your itinerary. It used to popular many years ago due to being so cheap, but with recent inflation, it is a bit more expensive than it once was. In comparison to other countries in South East Asia, it’s pretty similar, and if you’re on a budget, you don’t have to raid a bank to afford it. 2c4f8c6a3aab33996f27739c1bf6c0d7.jpgOne of the beaches in Sri Lanka – Taken from Pinterest
    It’s always been a dream of mine to go to New Orleans. Known for it’s vibrant live-music scene and being the birthplace of Jazz. The French Quarter in particular is well known, and famous for its architecture.
    New-Orleans.jpgNew Orleans famous French Quarter – Photo taken from Doug Smarts International
    According to Happy Planet Index in 2016, Costa Rica is the happiest place to live. So why shouldn’t it be on your bucket list?! It has something for everyone. With beaches, jungles, volcanoes, lots of coffee, and being the world’s hummingbird capital, you don’t really have any reason to NOT go to Costa Rica.
    Costa-Rica-Jungle-Waterfall.jpg.46b21f4c5522095b67db9af5eac86b87.jpgA jungle waterfall in Costa Rica – Photo taken from Teal Swan
    Right next to Bali, which is of course, the more, better known backpacking place to go. East Java gets missed off on peoples trips to Indonesia, which is a shame, because it’s just as interesting and beautiful. Lonely Planet describe it as a wild, rolling region with dizzying peaks, smoking volcanoes and unspoilt panoramas.
    bromo-tengger-semeru-national-park-east-java_31633_600x450The Semeru National Park – Photo taken from National Geographic 

    So what are you waiting for, GO!

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