It’s a bit late, but I’m finally doing my roundup of 2016. Surprisingly, I loved 2016. I know many have hated 2016, but it was a great year for me. It was the first year I went backpacking alone. It was the furthest I have ever been from home. I graduated from university (technically finished in 2015, but my university did the graduation a year later!) I booked and finalised my trip to Hong Kong and Australia for 2017. Got my new passport (I felt so old thinking I had a 10 year old passport!) I turned 25, so officially half way to 50. And most importantly, I had plenty of memories and laughs from the year, and met lots of lovely people.

The Facts

Miles Travelled: Roughly 31,202 miles

Days Travelled: 52

New Countries Visited: 3

Flights Taken: 13

Photos Taken: 5000+ (I’m not going to even attempt to get the exact number!)

New Hard Rock Cafes Visited: 2 (A thing I have to do when visiting somewhere new)

Favourite Place from the Year: It’s a toss up between Singapore & Bangkok

Favourite Travelling Moment: Arriving on the boat to the floating bungalows we stayed in, in Khao Sok National Park. First time I felt like I was properly in Thailand, and in a little place of heaven! The views are postcard stuff!

Worst Travelling Moment: Arriving to our hostel in Kuala Lumpur. Safe to say it wasn’t as advertised. It was the only time I would have sooner of been at home!

A song that will remind you of 2016: Mike Posner – I took a pill in Ibiza. It had just been released when I got to Thailand, so got played to death everywhere we went, and soon became the song of the trip.

A lesson learnt from the year: Experiences over materialistic things!

Any moments you thought you was going to die: 1) On the plane going to Kuala Lumpur. The worst turbulence I’ve ever experienced. 2) The taxi drive in Kuala Lumpur, where the taxi driver took us well out of the city, on a detour. Turned out it was to get a bigger fare and rip us off, not to murder/kidnap us! 3) On the boat from Koh Phi Phi to Phuket. Let’s just say the boat was all over the place. Having worked on a boat as First Mate, I knew we shouldn’t have been out there in the first place with the sea that rough, but that’s health & safety for you in Thailand!

Quote of the year from travelling: F**k it, have a bucket! (Forgot how many times this was said in Thailand!)


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  1. Paige Wunder says:

    Great round up! Sounds like you had a lot of adventures in 2016. I was a fan of the year too. Is the photo of you with the lion cub from Safari Park in Kanchanaburi?


    1. Yes, that’s the one. Great place, and it was lovely to see the animals treated well!


      1. Paige Wunder says:

        I volunteered there for 10 days! That place has a piece of my heart.


    2. I’m so jealous! I didn’t realise you could volunteer there as well. We went just for the day, so spent the morning with the cubs, feeding them, then spent the afternoon going around the rest of the park with the giraffes etc. I may have to go back now when I’m back in Thailand!


      1. Paige Wunder says:

        Yeah! They’ve changed it a bit since I was there a little over a year ago. I think you have to stay minimum a week now. It’s a really great experience. You get to work with all the animals and it’s so worth it – even the poo shoveling. Ha!

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