Help them remember their travels by getting them a lovely new travel journal. They can never have too many journals, and the more they have, the more adventures they can have! These in particular caught my eye, some really nice handmade ones from Etsy. BUY HERE
    One thing that used to be a big worry when I was travelling, is that I had nothing to protect my passport. So if anything leaked in my bag, I would have been majorly screwed. If your passport is damaged, a lot of countries won’t let you in. This personalised passport holder makes it that extra special, and is the perfect gift to send your loved ones this Christmas. Plus when everyone hands in their passport at hostels etc, it’s easier for them to see which is theirs.  BUY HERE 
    If you’re wanting something that is a little more high value, then why not treat your loved one to a polaroid camera? It’s a great addition to have. They won’t have to worry about losing their memory card with all their photos on. Plus they can stick the photos in their travel journal as they go along, so they don’t forget where photos were taken. BUY HERE 
    When you was a child, you probably made a shoe box at Christmas with your class mates to send to those who were less fortunate. It’s a similar idea, but fill the box/bag with things you know your loved one loves, but probably doesn’t buy to save money or can’t get, wherever they may be travelling. Things like moisturiser for dry skin (ideal if they’re in hot or cold climates), lip balm, chocolate, sweets, a nail file, a mini bottle of their favourite alcohol (a lot of foreign countries won’t have many imports), their favourite magazine etc. This is a great personal option, and it can cost as much as you like it to.
  5. GO PRO
    Again, this is if you’re wanting to spend a little more. Go Pros are so handy when travelling, and most people have them. There’s a reason for it. They are small so won’t take up much room, and they can literally be thrown into anything, and still work.  Your loved ones will be able to take some sweet footage and photos on their trip, to show you when they get back home. BUY HERE 
  6. MONEY
    Find out where they are the minute, or planning to head to in the near future, and send some local currency. There’s nothing worse than heading somewhere new when you’re already in a foreign country, and trying to get some of the currency so you have some when you arrive at the airport or bus station etc. I’ve always found it’s never as easy as it is back home, so would be massively appreciated.
    If the backpacker in your life enjoys taking photos and getting plenty of footage, then it’s definitely worth them having an external hard drive. They don’t necessarily have to have their laptop with them, as they can transfer the photos across on a public computer. It saves them carrying around loads of little memory cards, plus they’re a lot easier to lose than an external hard drive. 1TB is a recommended amount, as it will take them years to run out of space, depending the amount they’re storing. BUY HERE
    If your loved one isn’t the most organised, then this is the one. Not only can it hold their passport, they’ll be able to hold all their flight tickets, visa documents, passport copies, bookings etc. It protects all their paperwork and keeps it all in one place. So they’ll never have to empty their whole bag in the airport to find one thing, again! BUY HERE
    There’s nothing worse than being in the middle of nowhere, with no electricity, and no phone because your battery has died. The battery chargers are great, but again become a problem if you’ve run out of batteries, or forgot to put it on charge. Great little back up…obviously if your loved one is somewhere with sun! BUY HERE 
    No more wires getting tangled up in your backpack! Wireless headphones are a great accessory for anyone on the road, because everyone listens to music, whether they’re sat waiting in the airport, on an overnight bus or just chilling at the beach or pool. The Beats headphones are obviously the more well known brand, but personally I don’t think the quality matches the higher price tag. I use SkullCandy, and the sound quality is just as good, and they’re a lot, LOT, cheaper. You only have to read the reviews to see how great they are, compared to the Beats. BUY HERE

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  1. Anthony Wade says:

    Nice list, some I’ve never even considered! I need a travel wallet for sure. Money is perfect too!

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