It was my third and final day in Singapore. A city that in those short 3 days, I had fallen in love with. That evening, I was going to catch the bus back to Kuala Lumpur. A six hour journey, that had cost me £6. From there, I would spend one last evening in Kuala Lumpur, then the following day I had a flight booked from Kuala Lumpur, back to Bangkok for my flight back home to the UK.

Being short on time, I thought about what I really wanted to do in Singapore. After the first failed attempt to visit Gardens by the Bay, I thought it would be good to try again. I was a bit disappointed I wouldn’t have chance to visit it at night when it is all lit up, as that is supposed to be when it’s at its best. But still, I wasn’t going to go all the way to Singapore, and not visit it at all!

My friend chose to join me, and we had a walk down from our hostel. It took about 30-45 minutes to walk. But with Singapore having so many sights to see, it was a pleasant walk. We also got chance to see Marina Bay during the day. It is just as impressive as it is at night.

We got to Gardens by the Bay to be told some of the attractions were shut. I really wanted to do the Cloud Forest, but unfortunately that was one of the attractions shut. We weren’t having much luck in Singapore, especially with the cable car to Sentosa being closed the day before. I had a look at the flower garden dome, but having visited the Eden Project in Cornwall back home, many times, I thought it perhaps looked a little similar. And not being a huge fan of flowers etc, it seemed a waste of money and time. I decided to do the skyway instead. It was a lot cheaper (around £8), and I would have got to get up close with the tree domes, that I had famously seen on the pictures.


My friend chose to go into the flower dome, as that appealed more to her than the skyway. We agreed to do our own thing and meet up later on. Being scared of heights, the skyway was going to be a challenge for me. As I stood below it, I could see it swaying in the wind. I went up in the lift and stood at the top looking out. It wasn’t as bad as I thought, but then I started walking along the bridge. That’s when I started to go light headed and feel a little bit sick. Determined to conquer my fear of heights, I carried on walking, stopping every so often to take in the views. This was the first time, I got the real scale of the Marina Bay Hotel, which towered over the top of us. Even being quite high up myself, it still looked a giant in comparison. I carried on walking, my legs turning to jelly. I came down, quite proud of myself for not fainting or having a meltdown at the top. To some people it isn’t that high up, but as someone that struggles to even climb a ladder, it was an achievement. I would have loved to have done it at night, when all the tree towers were lit up. It’s something I’ve added to my list, and I’m definitely going to return to Singapore, and make sure it’s one of the things I do next time.



It was going to be a day of conquering fears. We still had some time to kill, so I said to my friend I would love to go up to the of Marina Bay Hotel. It has a bar, but also a viewing deck, which is good if you’re just in your casual vest & shorts, as I were, as they don’t have a dress code policy, as they do for the bar. It cost $20, which is roughly around £15. It sounds a lot, but we would have had to pay that for a drink anyway. My friend chose against it, as she thought it was a little too much. I got to the top, and the view literally left me gobsmacked. So gobsmacked, I completely forgot how high up I was, and that my legs had once again turned to jelly. You could see for miles. I was not disappointed. I had instantly got my moneys worth. Walking around the deck, I fell in love with Singapore even more. The view is breathtaking in the day, never mind at night!


14650544_1002420063218042_3228721416300924107_nThe Marina Bay Hotel Infinity Pool

I got to the bottom, and told my friend she had missed out big time by not going up. It was definitely the highlight of my few days in Singapore, and you definitely have to do it, if you ever go to Singapore. I would definitely do it again.


So my time in Singapore had come to an end. We had one last wander around the bay, followed by a few shops for some souvenirs. My friend was staying in Asia, going onto Bali. I was heading back to Bangkok, for my flight home. I would have loved to have stayed longer, but money wise, it wasn’t possible. Plus I have to save for my big move to the land down under. I leave in May 2017. I’ve already booked a few days in Hong Kong along the way, and I’m certainly looking at stopping in Singapore, before I land in Sydney. If you’re debating whether to visit Singapore, just do it. It’s a lovely city, lovely people, and you won’t be disappointed. Alcohol is expensive, so if you’re on a budget, go without. Food wise, if you eat in restaurants, it’s not much more than going out for a meal back home in the UK. There are food markets you can visit if you wanted to do things on the cheap. If we had more time, and didn’t have so much to fit in, we would have probably done that. I probably spent around £150-£200 in 3 days in Singapore. Which is more than I spent in a week in Thailand. Don’t let that put you off though. I always say, you don’t mind spending money if the place is worth it. And Singapore definitely is.

Until next time Singapore…


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