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After discovering that I had already fell in love with Singapore, we continued our walk to see the Gardens by the Bay at night, all lit up. Well that was supposed to be the destination…

We walked over the hill, and it’s the first sight I had of the Marina Bay. It was just before sunset, so photographers were gathering along the water front with their tripods ready, to capture the moment. In that moment, looking across the bay, I realised Singapore had quickly shot up to the number 1 city I had visited. And I had only been there for half a day, and hadn’t even seen all of it! If you ever head to Singapore, I definitely recommend getting down to the Marina Bay just before sunset. You’ll get a fab view of the sun setting behind the city skyline, and once it drops dark, that’s when you’ll really fall in love with Singapore. It’s not only beautiful in daylight, it’s beautiful at night. As a travel photographer, it was a dream. I quickly grabbed my camera and started snapping away. I soon realised why so many photographers were stood around with their tripods!


We walked along the bay, completely oblivious to the fact we were supposed to be heading to the Gardens by the Bay. We were just so mesmerised by the views we had at the bay.

Probably the most famous landmark in Singapore, is the architectural masterpiece, the Marina Bay Sands Hotel. The second most expensive building in the world. Once it drops dark, they do a light show from the top of the building. The best views of this is the opposite side of the bay. It was busy with people, but being one of the highest buildings in Singapore, it didn’t matter if you was at the front of the crowd, or the back of it, everyone had a great view.

singapore-edit-2The City of Singapore just after Sunset

DSC09567.jpgMarina Bay Sands by night

There are plenty of restaurants and bars along the bay, leading to the city, which is hardly surprising with the view. We expected them to be expensive, but food wise, they were similar prices to back home in the UK. I paid around £10 for a burger and chips meal. I had plenty on my plate, so it was definitely worth it. However, drinking alcohol in Singapore, does get expensive. I paid £8 just for a small bottle of Kopparberg Cider, which would have only cost me around £3 back home. You can get cheaper food in Singapore if you’re doing it on a budget. I’ve heard the food street markets are really good and worth a visit. Unfortunately I didn’t get chance to go. But if you are on a budget, I’d definitely avoid alcohol. It soon made it an expensive trip.

DSC09587.JPGThe light show from the Marina Bay Sands Hotel

After dinner with a view, it was quite late, so we decided to pass on the Gardens by the Bay, and head back to our hostel for sleep. We’d had an early start in Kuala Lumpur, so we were ready for our bed. We had every intention of heading back to Kuala Lumpur the next day, and only spending 1 night in Singapore with it being expensive. We realised this wasn’t going to be the case. Plus there was so much more we wanted to see, and it wasn’t going to be possible in a day. It definitely is worth the money, plus we loved it a lot more than Kuala Lumpur, so it felt pointless heading back to somewhere we didn’t enjoy as much.

To be continued…


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