You’ll meet all kinds of different people when you go travelling. It really opens your eyes up to different cultures, and puts you outside your comfort zone, as you’re usually around people you wouldn’t necessarily associate with. But during my travels, I always met the same kind of people. And the more I spoke to people, the more I realised I wasn’t just the only one. Everyone meets these kind of people…

  1. The know it all

    Everyone will meet at least one of these, and if you haven’t, you’re probably it. You’ll always meet someone that’s done everything you’ve done, but better. Want to check out that temple, or waterfall? They’ve already done it, and will probably tell you exactly what to do and how to spend your experience. They know everything about everything. And they can usually tell you more about your country, than you can, despite them never visiting. If you’re a photographer/blogger, so are they, but better.

  2. The drunk one

    The one that isn’t usually that bothered about what country they’re in, just as long as there’s a bar nearby, with cheap beer. You’ll usually find them passed out all day, and only see them awake at night. This is when they’ll usually have a cheap bottle of vodka in their hand, wandering around talking to everyone and anyone.

  3. The tight one

    There’s always one person that wants to join everyone for a group meal, but then will do nothing but moan about spending £3 on a meal, despite the fact it’s loads cheaper than home. They’ll sooner spend £1 on street food, then will sit moaning the next day they have food poisoning. They’ll usually sit around the hostel doing nothing all day, as they don’t want to spend a couple of pounds visiting local attractions.

  4. The flash one

    The opposite of the tight one. Usually never worked a day in their life, and usually living off their parents and their trust fund. They are very rarely found in hostels, as usually they wouldn’t be seen dead in somewhere like that. You usually meet these people in bars, where they are offering everyone drinks, and sipping on a bottle of prosecco. They don’t look like a backpacker, more like someone who’s on a holiday.

  5. The old one

    Whenever I’ve been travelling, I’ve always come across someone who’s in their 50’s/60’s, who have either had a partner pass away so they’ve decided to travel the world and feel young again. Or someone who just didn’t bother with a gap year, and has regretted it ever since. You’ll either love them or hate them. They’re either a pain in the ass, wanting everyone to be quiet from 10pm, so they can sleep, waking you up first thing. Or they’ll be a bigger party animal than yourself, and outdrinking the lot of you ‘young’uns.’ Either way, they’re great to talk to. They can usually tell you a few stories.

  6. The spiritual hippie

    The dude that can’t remember when they started travelling, or where they’ve been. Usually stoned out their face, and just sat chilling all day in their own little world. Claiming how travelling changed their life man, and they’ve found god at some hippie retreat. Catch them on a good day, they can usually spill you a few stories, if they can remember.

  7. The quiet, sleepy one

    The one you’ll never hear speak. They’ll probably introduce themselves when you arrive, but then that’s it. You’ll never see them leave their bed, and usually sat watching films all day on their laptop. They make you wonder if they’ve just come travelling, to pretend to their parents they’re finally leaving their rooms.

  8. The moaner

    The one that does nothing but moan everyday about everything. It’s too hot, it’s too cold. I’m ill again. I miss home. This place is disgusting, blah blah blah. These are usually the ones that do my head in the most. They just bring everyone down. Make the most of everyday. If you’re ill, go to the pharmacy. If the place is disgusting, move to another hostel. If you miss home, go home. If it’s too hot, put the air con on. We all like a moan now and then, but not all day, every day!

  9. The Jay

    Jay from Inbetweeners is the perfect example of someone we all know, or have met in our life. The guy or girl that brags about everything. They’ve slept with everyone, and have done everything you’ve not, that you want to. They’ve fought off tigers, nearly died 50 million times…you get the picture.

  10. The ‘wrapped in cotton wool’ one

    The one that really shouldn’t be travelling without supervision. You’ll feel like a parent to this one. They’ll have been wrapped in cotton wool all their lives, therefore have no common sense, and you end up wondering how the hell they’ve made it this far, without being killed or kidnapped. They’ll trust and believe everything they hear and think everyone is out to do them good. Usually the wimp in the group. They won’t want to try anything, without ringing and asking their Mum first.

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  1. Great article!!!! Quite confronting but it’s true. I think I am quite a know-it-all kind since I have been backpacking for 2 and a half years and also being a blogger somehow turns you into one.


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