There are a few things you expect to miss while travelling, such as family, friends and loved ones in general. But while travelling, you’ll soon learn to appreciate the little things back home and it’s those little things that you’ll miss, and crave on a daily basis. Some of them come as a surprise, and it’s not until you’ve been travelling, you realise how much you take for granted back home. Such as…

  1. Drinking Tap Water
    Yes fair enough, it’s ok in some countries, but if you’re heading anywhere such as Thailand, Cambodia, Laos etc, then it’s not the best idea to go drinking the tap water, unless you want to be ill for the following week. When you do eventually get to a country where you can drink the tap water, it’s like some massive treat that instantly puts you in a good mood. We take it for granted at home that we can drink tap water, and 99% of the time, it’s not going to make us ill. It becomes a pain having to keep going out and buying bottled water, especially at stupid o’clock in the morning, when you wake up hungover, with a mouth drier than sand!
  2. A normal, flushing sit down toilet
    Most countries are now coming round to the idea of having a flushing sit down toilet, but a lot still use squat toilets, and they ain’t pretty. Especially for a novice from the UK, who has no idea how to use one properly. (FYI girls, I think you just squat and hope for the best!) There’s no worse feeling than being desperate for the toilet, and walking in and seeing they’re all squat toilets. Personally not for me, and I know they aren’t for many others, but unfortunately is part of the backpacker life!
  3. A Bath
    Unless you’re willing to fork out the price for a hotel room, you ain’t getting the luxury of a bath while travelling. It’s always the first thing I do when I get home after travelling, and I immediately feel 10x cleaner after having one.
  4. Your own bed, in your own room
    No snorers, no people having a phone call at stupid o’clock in the morning, just you, starfishing in a bed. It’s bliss, and you definitely underestimate personal space back home.
  5. Cider
    This is more of a personal one, but I’m sure there will be a few other cider lovers out there. A lot of foreign countries don’t do cider, and if they do, it’s imported so therefore costs a fortune. There’s nothing worse than craving a nice cold cider, on a hot summers day, and having to have a nasty tasting lager instead. I was so happy in Thailand when after a month travelling there, I eventually found a bottle of cider! It cost me £6 for a small bottle, but boy was it worth it!
  6. Your Car
    It soon becomes a pain travelling everywhere by taxi or bus. If you have a driving license back home, you’ll never complain about petrol/insurance prices again, just as long as you have a car!
  7. Food
    Similar to the cider point, we all have our favourite branded food back home, that we can never get abroad. You’ll start craving your Mum’s Sunday Dinner big time!

    What little things do you miss while travelling?

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  1. Haha fun reading 🙂 Personally, I never drink foreign tap water and could live without a bath but boy- a sit down look is a must. Especially after the exotic curries…

    My biggest miss was comfort food. See my dilemma with this here:

    Looking forward to reading more from you.

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