So you know you definitely need clothes and shoes, but it can be tricky trying to think of what else you may need while away. Most people overpack the first time they go travelling, I certainly did! But there are also things that I took, that I never regretted, and was actually really grateful for them at times!

1. GoPro
This little baby came in handy lots while I was travelling. It’s shockproof, waterproof, tiny and light, so perfect for us travellers! It’s the perfect size to just put in your bumbag if you’re going hiking and don’t want to carry a huge camera, or going out on a night out. It’s perfect for capturing underwater shots, or if you’re going kayaking etc, and might get a bit wet! Best part about these, is that you don’t have to spend a fortune because they’re indestructable. You can pick up a cheap used one on eBay, and you don’t have to worry how long it’s going to last before it dies on you. You can of course splash the cash and buy a new one, but once you start adding on accessories, (which you will need) it can be an expensive purchase.  I picked up the latest GoPro Hero 4 on eBay from a fellow traveller, that had finished their journey, and was selling it with all the accessories for under £300. I would have spent more than that just on the camera alone, had I bought it from new.


2. Camera
Sounds pretty obvious? You’ll be surprised how many travellers I’ve come across that still rely on their phone. Yes, the cameras are pretty good on them these days, but nothing compares to a camera, in my opinion. (Maybe because I’m photographer!) If you rely on your phone, you have to worry about battery and the most important thing, memory space. I’ve met so many travellers that have been moaning because they’re having to delete their favourite photos from the start of their trip, because they’ve ran out of space on their phone. You can pick up a camera pretty cheap these days, and if you’re wanting more professional photos from your trip, decent DSLR’s are also pretty cheap. If you don’t want to lug around a heavy DSLR, look at the new mirrorless cameras, especially the Sony line. I traded in my bulky, heavy Nikon for a Sony A7. It’s honestly the best thing I ever did. I’m getting better quality photos, from something that is more than half the weight!

If your photos are any good, you can also make a business photography instagram page. It’s how I got started, and the money can be sweet to tie you over while you’re travelling, without doing much work! Check out my instagram page @_thelittlemermeg

3. Power Strip
Sounds a bizarre one, but many travellers I’ve met have commented what a brilliant idea it is, and they were slightly jealous that I had the brains to take one. Charging your phone, camera, go pro and also wanting to have your straightners/hair dryer plugged in, it’s a pain in the ass keep unplugging and changing your adapter, or deciding what’s more important to charge, your phone or your camera? What’s easier than keeping your adapter attached to one plug, then just using the power strip to be able to charge/use them all at once? It’s a no brainer really. You can pick up some small light ones from Ikea, Wilkinsons, Argos or the £1 shop.

4. Padlock
Yes you’ll get cages or lockers at the hostel, but most of the time, it’s up to you to provide the lock. You’ll need one for your case/backpack anyway on the plane journey, so just use that, or it’s better to take a spare one I’ve found. Then you can still lock your bag, as well as your cage. Double protection. Things will get stolen if you give them an easy chance unfortunately! So make sure valuables are locked up, such as passport, cash etc. Also worth noting to be careful on overnight buses/trains. So many people I’ve met on my travels, have had things stolen while they’ve been asleep right next to their bags. Keep valuables in a bum bag, and sleep with that on,  with a blanket over the top of you. That way, if someone does get into your bag, they’re not going to be able to get their hands on anything that’s worth something. And if they try and get into your bum bag, I should hope you’d feel them and wake up!

5. Portable Battery Charger
There may be places you’ll stay where you won’t have access to electric. Personally I find it as a perfect excuse to get away from my phone for a few days, so I love it. But sometimes you may need your phone in an emergency, such as if you’re camping. So it’s a safety net to know that there is some battery on it, should you need it. You can pick up a portable battery charger pretty cheap, just make sure they’re charged before you go, or you have plenty of spare batteries!


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