Thailand, aka the land of smiles. Well known with backpackers, but also a popular holiday destination for those looking for a temporary getaway. This is one of the reasons it puts a lot of people off from visiting Thailand, and it really shouldn’t. Here are some reasons why Thailand should be on your bucket list, whatever your age:

  1. It has something for everyone
    Thailand really does have something for everyone. Whatever kind of holiday you’re looking for, Thailand has it. If you’re wanting to explore the culture, you’re lucky enough that most of Thailand hasn’t caved into the tourist trap. Most places still have the original culture to see, although some places have become a Benidorm of Thailand, so do your research first to avoid those kind of places. If you’re wanting a relaxing holiday, it has some of the best beaches and clearest waters, but again, do you research and check what is the best time of the year to visit. It’s humid pretty much all year round, but some months can be constant rain, and other months it’s too hot to even sunbathe. If you’re wanting an adventure holiday, again, Thailand has it!
  2. It’s not as dangerous as the reputation it has
    When I said I was travelling to Thailand on my own, a lot of friends and family said I was mental. I was going to get kidnapped/murdered etc. Truth is, I felt safer there than I have done in England. And I’m not just saying that. A lot of people I met on my travels agreed. Yes, there will be criminals in Thailand, as there are everywhere. Just be careful, don’t do things you wouldn’t back home, and understand that you are in a different culture. Things that aren’t offensive back home, are over there, and can land you in a lot of trouble. Before going to a new country, you should always read up the do’s and don’ts so you don’t get in any unnecessary trouble! Read up about local scams too, and you will avoid becoming a victim and ruining your trip.
  3. It is cheap – but not as cheap as people make out
    You see the beautiful beaches and expect Thailand to be quite expensive. It is cheap in terms of western prices, but it can still work out an expensive trip if you don’t budget yourself. Bottles of beer started at around £1-£2, which sounds good right? But after a few, you start getting super friendly offering to buy people drinks, and you suddenly think you can drink a lot more than you can back home. Before you know it, you’ve spent £40 on a night out. Sounds cheap when you think what you’d spend back home on a night out, but when you realise drinks were costing you around £2 a bottle, it suddenly looks quite expensive. Doing it every night is perfectly acceptable on holiday, but £40 a day on alcohol soon adds up and that cheap trip to Thailand doesn’t seem so cheap anymore!
  4. The wildlife
    If you want to get up close with the wildlife and see them in their natural habitat, Thailand is a great country to visit. You get beaches with monkeys, crystal clear waters with lots of fishes, and there are plenty of elephants to see in their natural habitat and playing in the water.
  5. Shopping
    Head to Bangkok and you will be amazed at some of the stuff you can buy. If you want a well made tailored suit, but don’t want to spend a fortune, Thailand is the place to visit. If you want your designer gear at a fraction of the price back home, Thailand has it. (It also has really good fakes if you can’t afford the real thing.)
  6. Street Food
    I’m quite a fussy eater, so was dreading getting to Thailand and thought I wouldn’t be able to eat properly for a month. (They do have Tesco’s for those who are panicking!) I ended up coming home missing the food. The curries are lovely, and you won’t be able to find one quite as nice back home! Be careful, it is well known that some of the street food can give you food poisoning, but if it looks decent and there’s lots of people around it, it’s usually a good sign and worth the risk! Thai food is some of the tastiest food you’ll ever try. If you want to avoid food poisoning, it’s best to avoid fruit, especially if it has been stood on a street stall in the sun. If the meat looks like it’s stood there a while too in the sun, again avoid.
  7. It’s a great place to switch off
    Maybe not so much in Bangkok, you do feel like you have to be on high alert there  so you aren’t ran over by a tuktuk but down towards the south of Thailand, where the beaches are, it’s a great place to head to relax. The temples are relaxing, as well as the beaches. They have some brilliant beach side bars, and it’s always a fab sunset!
  8. Nightlife
    Surprisingly, some of my best nights abroad have been in Thailand. Although their clubs/bars aren’t anything like ours back home, they are surprisingly good. It might also help the beer is a lot cheaper than it is back home. It’s a must to a try a “bucket” and a bottle of Chang. From full moon parties, to beach bars, to live music venues, Thailand has something for everyone. They really don’t have a night off on Khao San Road in Bangkok, although the weekends are a lot busier and the Thai’s know how to party all year round!


3 Comments Add yours

  1. emilyx7x says:

    Great post! I definitely wanna go to Thailand now! Especially to see some elephants ☺️ X


  2. Hi Meg! I have nominated your blog for a Blogger Recognition Award! I nominated you because I love to travel and find your tips so helpful! I know you are a fledging blog but keep doing what you’re doing, its fab so far! You can see the nomination here; http://www.theinvisibledisabilityandme.co.uk/Blogger-Recognition-Award


  3. charliegodfrey says:

    Completely agree, think everyone should experience it. Been living in Thailand for a year now and can’t seem to leave this haven.


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