Everyone says before you go travelling, that it will change you….they ain’t kidding! You’ll not realise it while travelling, but when you get home and go back to people you’ve spent most of your life with, you’ll soon realise how much you’ve actually changed. You’ll learn a few lessons about yourself and about others, and they’re far from bad things. They’re skills you’ll bring back home, and as cheesy as it is to say, it’ll make you a better person for it. Here’s a few lessons I learnt while travelling, from myself, and from what others had told me about their own lessons:

  1. How to not give a sh*t
    While travelling, you really don’t care about a lot. I’m not talking about things like your loved ones back home, I’m talking about the non important things that you revolved your life around when you were back home.  The latest fashion trends? Nope. What’s happening on facebook? Nope. Your dress size? Nope. What your ex is up to these days? Definitely not. It’s safe to say that the longer you travel, the less you care about the materialistic things that you previously made important back home. There’s no feeling quite like the carefree feeling you’ll experience while travelling. And that is one of the many reasons you’ll want to continue your travels once home.
  2. To not judge a book by its cover
    It’s something that not many of us like to admit it, but secretly we’ve all done it. That creepy person you’ve seen stood by the bar, who looks weird as hell, so you’ll keep your distance. This ain’t a thing while travelling. You’ll meet all kinds of people, and you’ll more than likely be associating with people that you wouldn’t necessarily be back home. You’ll even go as far as calling these people your friends. It opens your eyes, and you’ll realise once home, you’re a lot less “mean girls”.
  3. You’re a lot more independent than you thought
    If you’re friends are all going somewhere back home that you really don’t want to go to, you’ll still go. For many reasons including you don’t want to miss out, and you know you’ll get stick for it for weeks if you don’t. This ain’t a thing while travelling. If your new travel buddies are going somewhere you don’t want to, you won’t. You’re not afraid to be independent and think “I’ll go check out that market today I wanted to see.” You’ll do what you want to do, and not follow the crowd.When things go bad? You’ll realise your more than capable of sorting it by yourself without ringing your parents asking for help, like you would back home. It’ll make your friends and family feel almost a little unwanted when you go back home.
  4. You’re more of people person than you thought
    The idea of meeting new people and sleeping in a room with people I hardly knew, is one that’s always made me feel a little uneasy. I’ve always liked my circles small. But when travelling, you really don’t care. You’ll still enjoy alone time, but you’ll also enjoy the big group of friends you’ll meet. You’re more outgoing than you think. I always thought of myself as being quite shy, especially around new people. Ain’t the case while travelling. You’ll surprise yourself!
  5. You’ll become more confident
    You’ll try new things while travelling that you wouldn’t dream of doing back home. Scared of heights? You’ll concur it while travelling. Scared to go and introduce yourself to a crowd in a bar you don’t know? You’ll do it while travelling.
  6. Nobody has it all figured out
    You’ve always thought that you’re the odd one out back home for not having a great career, mortgage, partner or kids. You’ll meet people on your travels that have been there, done that, got the t-shirt, and they’ll envy you for not having any of that. You’ll learn that the truth is nobody truly has it all figured out and we all are supposed to live different lives, and want different goals.Nobody is perfect.
  7. Money is nothing
    Those that have a tonne of money back home will soon realise that money is nothing while travelling. Sure, it helps but it doesn’t make them any better than you, you’re all in the same boat, experiencing the same things. Experiences that money can’t buy will stay in your mind a lot longer than those that do. I remember those nights sat until the early hours, talking about everything and anything, over any excursion I did. Meeting people and getting to meet people you wouldn’t meet back home is far more interesting than going for a swim with the elephants.
  8. That you hate TV & the internet
    You’ll realise how much of your life you’ve spent on social media and watching the latest tv series. You’ll go months without watching a tv while travelling, and you’ll feel loads better for it. You’ll also get home and realise just how bad and boring TV actually is. And those days you’ll be in the middle of nowhere with no wifi, you’ll actually love it, because you’ll be truly exploring, rather than busy checking in where you are on facebook.
  9. You’ll stop being a people pleaser
    It goes back to point number 1, you really don’t care while travelling. If someone doesn’t like you, you’ll not take it personal, and move on. You stop trying to please everyone around you, and just start being yourself. If they don’t like you, so what.
  10. Life is short, make the most of it
    Your travel experience will soon fly by, and you’ll realise how quick life does actually go. Especially when you get home and realise everyone’s been doing the same routine, and nothing has changed. In that short space of time you managed to fit all those experiences in, yet those back home have done nothing. It makes you realise how quick your life is going by, and as Ferris Bueller once said, “life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

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  1. Love this, all of them are 100% true!


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